Who We Are

Paul (Pablito) Bame
Engineering Director
ext. 505

Paul got hooked on Grassroots Radio by listening to Boulder's KGNU in the mid 90's. That also led him into activism for global economic dignity in the "Seattle-era" street movement. Along the way he also stood against police brutality, for an end of racism toward Native Americans and others, an end of media bias including that at NPR, of discrimination and dehumanization aimed at women, LGBT, and undocumented immigrants. When he co-founded Grassroots Radio station KRFC between 1997 and 2003, he also co-founded its news collective.

After chatting with Prometheus at Grassroots Radio Coalition conferences for a decade or so and leaving his Fortune 100 R&D job, Paul volunteered at Prometheus in 2010 and is currently our nerdiest engineer. His electrical engineering degree and ham radio experience comes in handy for FCC application engineering, station design, construction and troubleshooting.  Paul also created and maintains the free-to-use RFree software to make application engineering easier.

Paul sometimes gets pulled into into technical FCC policy analysis and commentary, where his activist experience helps in deciphering federal legalese and his interest in data analysis and presentation has provided supporting arguments.

Will Floyd promtheus engineerWill Floyd
Technical Director 
ext. 524

Will started working in community radio at WOBC-FM in while studying electronic music and Comparative American Studies at Oberlin College. At WOBC, Will served as General Manager, Engineer and DJ and worked to bring accessibility and more community involvement to the student-run station.

Since joining Prometheus in 2012, Will has worked in many areas of support for LPFM stations including nonprofit operations, station building, radio frequency engineering, policy advocacy and fundraising. Will collaborates with newly permitted Low Power FM radio stations to raise antennas, install transmitters, build studios and train community members in radio operations and media making. He has written several technical manuals and submitted dozens of LPFM applications and technical amendments with the FCC.



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