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Resources for New Stations

Station Development

General Help

  • How to Launch Your Own Low Power FM Station: Linking to a variety of valuable resources, this handy guide walks you through the process of applying for a license and starting a station.
  • Put Your Hands on the Radio: A short video overview about how to start a radio station.
  • FAQ for the Board: Answers to common questions that your board of directors might have in considering starting a low power FM station. A great document to print out and share with them.


  • RFree: Rfree, a free and open source software for LPFM community radio applicants and the engineers developed by Prometheus Radio Project. This web-based software offers technical support for Low Power FM (LPFM) applicants.
  • LPFM Application Resources from 2023: Find all of our LPFM application resources from the 2023 application window.
  • Antenna Supports Information for Property Owners: This one-page document gives an overview of LPFM antennas, towers, and other supports. This resource is meant to help LPFM applicants when approaching property owners about renting space for an LPFM antenna.
  • Engineering Services: Need someone to do your engineering work for you? Hire a Prometheus engineer!


  • What would you do with a community radio station?: A great video on the power of community radio. Share it with others in yoru organization, board members, and community!
  • Station Profiles: Get ideas for how to build your own community station by looking at some of the most inspiring low power community radio stations broadcasting today.
  • Applicant Stories: Prometheus is working with hundreds of organizations to help build a nationwide network of community radio stations. Check out some of the applicants here!