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Streaming and Podcasts

What is an Internet radio stream?

An Internet radio stream (sometimes called a “webcast” or “webstream”) sends audio content continuously over the internet. Listeners can tune in using their computer, smartphone, a smart speaker, or through an app.

Starting an Internet radio station is a great way to develop radio programming and try new things at a fraction of the cost of terrestrial radio. If you’re on your way to starting a terrestrial radio station, you can stream as a way to build an audience and train volunteers in the time leading up to your first broadcast. If you’re already on the air as an FM or AM radio station, you can use internet streaming to reach listeners outside of your normal coverage area or to provide additional content that won’t fit into your on-air schedule.

What is a Podcast?

You’ve probably listened to a podcast, or maybe you’ve even made one! For those that might not know what a podcast is, it’s a format for distributing radio shows over the internet. Technically, it is the combination of an audio file and a RSS feed. Unlike an internet radio station, a podcast does not broadcast an audio stream continuously. Instead, each podcast episode can be downloaded as an individual audio file. Using a podcast client like Miro or Apple Podcasts, you can subscribe to a podcast so that new episodes download automatically as they become available.

The difference between internet radio and podcasts easy pretty simple – internet radio broadcasts all day long and includes a variety of different programs. A podcast, however, is comprised of multiple episodes that are released at a regular interval, usually once per week.

Listeners can access the internet radio broadcast or the station’s podcasts via your station’s website or app, through a third party app, through services like Miro or iTunes, or through a smart speaker.

Publishing Your Own Podcast

It’s easy to publish your own podcast. Each podcast is made up of two parts: an audio file uploaded onto an internet server and an RSS feed. There are several free ways to publish a podcast.

These days, there are lots of places you can publish a podcast. Some of the most popular include Apple Podcasts (previously iTunes), Spotify, SoundCloud, and Podbean.