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Work with Prometheus

Prometheus experts can handle most station relocation and modifications requiring FCC antenna and allocations engineering and filing; transfers of ownership, change of addresses, obtaining call letters, updating boards of directors; design, construction, diagnosis, repair and modification of radio stations; emergency-alert related filings; and most other paperwork and engineering.

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Learn more about our station building services!

  • Organizations with Granted LPFM permits can get started with our Station Building Assessment – $300
  • “What’s next” analysis and recommendations for both MX-ed applicants and with Accepted-for-Filing or Granted applications.
  • Understanding and responding to Petitions and Informal Objections, including legal referrals as necessary
  • Assistance with any of the paperwork required at this stage — amendments, time-sharing agreements, call letters, program-test notifications, license-to-cover applications, transfers of ownership.
  • Application and situation consulting, hourly, for whenever you’re stuck…
  • Participants in our 2023 Torchbearer program receive ongoing support in these areas.

2023 LPFM MX Services

MX Advanced Analysis – $200 retainer, $50/hour

  • MX group analysis – who are your competitors and their points claims
  • Assessment of alternate frequencies available for technical amendment
  • Assessment of best options available to applicant
  • Review of cooperative options
  • Other options including petitions and objections
  • Email, call, follow up call

Supporting Stations: What We Look For

Prometheus works towards a media system that allows everyone to have a voice on the airwaves. With limited resources, however, we use the following questions to prioritize which station applicants get our closest support and potentially discounts — just ask if you need one.

  • A Purpose. Do you have a clear mission that we can get behind?
    We prioritize groups whose mission, vision, and values align with our own. We build participatory radio as a tool for social justice organizing and community expression, and we help grassroots organizations to build communications infrastructure to strengthen their communities and movements.
  • Community. Do you have strong local participation and engagement?
    Local roots in your area and past history of working in the community? Relationships with other organizations and communities in your area? Demonstrated ability to collaborate and work across differences Volunteer involvement or a plan to engage volunteers?
  • Diversity. Will your station bring new voices to the airwaves?
    Leadership from communities underrepresented in the media and those historically disenfranchised from media ownership and access? A plan to build the leadership of people from these communities in your station’s governance and programming?