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My new station needs a mission statement. What should it say?

A good mission statement helps everyone involved with the station to understand the purpose of your project. It’s a helpful tool in making decisions on programming, governance, and other issues. A mission statement shouldn’t be long (two or three sentences is plenty), but it should be as specific as possible about your goals without dictating your daily activities or exact programming mix. A mission statement sets the course for your station, but it shouldn’t list all the steps you will take in getting there.

Sample mission statements

Community Radio of Estes Valley KREV-LP, Estes Park, CO

Radio Station KREV-LP seeks to broadcast a broad mix of culture and views, with priority given to religion and educational programming to the Estes Park valley that will enable residents to share ideas and opinions, music, and drama. To build community by bringing people together with communication.




WRFU, Urbana, IL

WRFU is a progressive radio station collective committed to social justice, focusing on public affairs issues and the arts. WRFU airs opinions and debates in an open and diverse forum that focuses on educating and empowering the public. WRFU provides an accessible venue for an eclectic mixture of arts programming.

WRIR, Richmond, Virginia

Richmond Indie Radio- radio for the rest of us WRIR’s mission is to air unrepresented music, news and views to provide a platform for cultural diversity in Richmond.

WRIR Parent Organization:

Virginia Center for Public Press

VCPP educates the public about issues affecting their communities through the production and distribution of public-interest media. VCPP accomplishes this by operating a “public press” – media that operates independent of profit-motive influences, and in partnership with the communities it serves.

By complimenting but not duplicating what is offered by other media, VCPP offers a look into our nation’s cultures, ideologies and concerns – exposing citizens to views of life unlikely to be seen in the traditional media. And, importantly, VCPP facilitates dialogue between those citizens who might not otherwise interact.


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(composed by Edward Schooley)

Radio Free Brattleboro, Brattleboro, VT

rfb is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, state and federally tax exempt organization, locally based, noncommercial, access-to-all, community radio station that utilizes only 10 watts of power to cover an area with a radius of perhaps 2 miles from its broadcast location, all within the confines of the town of Brattleboro, Vermont.

KYRS-LP, Thin Air Radio, Spokane, WA

Thin Air Community Radio shall serve the Spokane area with progressive perspectives, filling needs that other media do not, providing programming to diverse communities and unserved or underserved groups.

Thin Air programming shall place an emphasis on providing a forum for non-corporate and neglected perspectives and discussions on important local, national and global issues, reflecting values of peace, social, economic and environmental justice, human rights, democracy, multiculturalism, freedom of expression and social change.

Thin Air’s arts, cultural, and music programming shall cover a wide spectrum of expression from traditional to experimental and reflect the diverse cultures Thin Air serves. Thin Air shall strive for spontaneity and program excellence, both in content and technique.

KOWA-LP, Olympia, WA

The mission of Media Island International is to act as a resource and networking center for individuals, organizations and movements working on social justice, economic democracy, ecological sustainability and peace. We gather, evaluate and distribute underpublished information on critical issues. The truth is getting harder to hide.

KFOK-LP, Georgetown, CA

KFOK is an all volunteer, Georgetown, California based community radio station which provides a non-commercial platform for unique, locally produced programming that is reflective of the diverse talents and interests of our broadcasters and listeners. We strive to offer an unlimited selection of musical, cultural, educational and community affairs programming.

Parent Organization: American River Folk Society

The Mission of the American River Folk Society is to support the promotion, education and presentation of Contemporary, Traditional, and Multi-Cultural Folk Music, Folk Lore, and Folk Dance in the Mother Lode of the California Sierra Gold Country.

Patagonia Community Radio, Patagonia, AZ

Here is our stated Mission and Purpose:

– Provide a common resource for news, music, entertainment, local features, and information

– Encourage the free exchange of information, resources, culture, and wisdom

– Develop an educational track for students and adult volunteers to learn broadcast journalism,   multimedia, business management, computer skills, administrative and related skills

– Assist in making our community a better, healthier, more pleasant place to be

KRFC-FM, 88.9, Grassroots Community Radio Station, Ft. Collins, CO 

KRFC Fort Collins is a locally owned, independent, community, noncommercial radio station that is listener supported and democratically managed. KRFC offers a channel for community building and cultural enrichment in Fort Collins and beyond. Volunteers and staff will provide creative programming and service by:

– Focusing on our community. Through radio excellence we will create a unique community resource, one that promotes connections and fosters a sense of belonging. We will maintain a local focus for sharing music, arts, culture, news and opinions. We will serve the people of our community by providing outlets for their creative skills and energies.

– Serving the interests of a diverse group of listeners. PRFR seeks to entertain, stimulate and challenge listeners with wide-ranging music programming, local news, issues and public affairs.

– Striving to be a forum for many voices, by providing an outlet for the expression of a wide spectrum of ideas; targeting those typically lacking media access.

KRFC is committed to respect for personal dignity. While debate is a necessary and healthy part of the discourse in broadcasting and station management, bigotry and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

KDRT- 101.5FM, Davis, CA

KDRT aims to entertain, inspire, and enrich listeners through an eclectic mix of musical, cultural, educational, and community affairs programs and services. Our station acts as forum for people and issues that typically lack media access and promotes positive social change.

Parent Organization: Davis Community Television

The mission of Davis Community Television is to strengthen our community by using public access television to:

– facilitate the sharing of information

– enhance community dialogue

– encourage individual and artistic expression

– create an awareness of local interests, views and cultures

– provide a vehicle for collaborative problem-solving

– promote community involvement

Radio Mutiny Mission Statement

Radio Mutiny is a broadcasting station for people who are denied a voice in the mainstream media. Our all volunteer group operates a micro-powered FM transmitter, similar to hudreds of radio stations that have sprung up across the country in response to the ever-tightening control of public information by elite media corporations. Radio Mutiny does not promote useless products, vapid lifestyles, or the soundbite, assembly line ideology that passes for news in this country. We use the public airwaves for news, music, performance, and for communicating with each other about our real daily lives and communities.

Radio Mutiny is rabidly non-hierarchical, decisively anti-authoritarian, avidly pro-feminist, staunchly anti-racist, and flamboyantly anti-homophobic. Our programming is anti-commercial, non-partisan, irreligious, and iconoclastic. Your radio dial was made for revolution!