NAB Petitions to Allow AMs to Operate FM Translators

NAB Cites Increasing Interference to AMs, Coverage Losses in Petition to Allow AMs to Operate FM Translators Date posted: 2006-07-19

We now have more details on NAB's petition that the FCC allow AMs to use FM translators:

Electromagnetic interference to AM stations is increasing, says NAB. Such "interference generated by power lines, computers, traffic signals sensors, electric motors, fluorescent lighting, RF from cable TV lines, and certain kinds of medical equipment often disrupt the strength and clarity of AM radio signals. In particular, power utility poles made of metal, which are rapidly replacing wooden poles, can radiate AM signals, creating distortion and nulling a station's signal in parts of the intended coverage area."

FCC filing regarding encroachment and translators - 9/26/2005

This comment from September 26, 2005 was filed in regards to the issues of enroachment and the spectral priority of translators versus LPFM. To read the entire comment, visit FCC filing regarding encroachment and translators - 9/26/2005.

FCC motion regarding extending application freeze - 9/15/2005

Prometheus Radio, along with other independent media advocacy organizations, urged the FCC on September 15, 2005, to extend a freeze on pending FM translator applications.

To read the entire motion, please visit FCC motion regarding extending application freeze - 9/15/2005.


FCC filing regarding a petition to freeze translator applications - 3/9/2005

On March 9, 2005, the Prometheus Radio Project and other concerned organizations filed for an immediate freeze on pending FM translator applications.  This was in response to the discovery by those parties that certain people had unjustly and possibly illegally applied for thousands of permits with the intent of illegally trafficking them.  Because of the debilitating effect this would have on LPFM radio, PRP further requested an investigation into those actions.

Letter to the FCC on 2003 translator speculation

February 18th, 2004

Dear Federal Communications Commission Commissioners and Staff,

Greetings from the Prometheus Radio Project! The Prometheus Radio Project is a grassroots organization that works to promote a more democratic media by helping community groups, at every step of the way, as they build their own radio stations. We promote the right of all citizens to fairly use our public airwaves.

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