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Reasonable Site Assurance

The FCC requires that all applicants for broadcast stations have a reasonable assurance that the site specified in the application will be available for its intended use. If your organization does not own the site or structure where you will locate your antenna, you will need to contact the owner or person in control of the site, for example, a property manager. If the property is available for you to use as a broadcast facility, you should confirm that they are willing to enter into lease negotiations with you if your application is granted by the FCC. On the application you must list the name of the person contacted, their telephone number, and whether this person is the property owner, agent, or other authorized representative. 

We recommend that you confirm that the site is available in writing with the owner or authorized agent. This can be informal, via email, or in a more formal letter, template below:


Based on our discussion I am writing to confirm that, should your FCC construction permit application be granted for a Low Power FM non-commercial authorization with antenna at coordinates [XX XX XX.X N XXX XX XX.X W], [I/WE] have space available at [MY/OUR] location and would be willing to negotiate a lease with you to locate a transmission facility there, subject to the site and  market conditions at that time. The Federal Communications Commission may contact me at [PHONE-NUMBER] to confirm our agreement.





[Site location and ANTENNA ASRN ######]

Date: ____________