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Is it Possible for Our Nonprofit to Apply?

Let’s start with a really quick check of two things, to see if it makes sense to pursue a new LPFM (low-power FM) application.

First, only a qualifying nonprofit (which you can create if necessary) can apply for an LPFM license. The nonprofit board members cannot be known to the FCC (or can be proven to the FCC) as current or former pirate radio broadcasters, and 3/4 of them or your corporate address must be within 10 or 20 miles of your antenna. The other restrictions [LINK!!!!!] have a bit of flexibility.

Second, frequencies are not available in many areas of the country, so use the simple frequency checker below. If it says no, then there’s no way to cover that zip code with a new station. If it says yes then you can safely proceed, but you may still want an engineer, and will probably need an engineer to evaluate any “maybe” frequencies it finds. If a frequency is available, part of your work will be finding a suitable antenna site.

If you feel you can meet the nonprofit requirements, and a frequency’s available, it’s time to dive into the details.

Zip code: