Future Stations Coming to a Community Near You!

Feb 11 2014 - 5:47pm

Now that the 2013 application window for low power FM stations has closed, applicants that have succeeded in obtaining an available frequency are gradually receiving construction permits, giving them 18 months to begin broadcasting.

Congratulations to the following organizations who have already been granted permits! All of these groups, located all throughout the US, are doing great work and are among the groups Prometheus has worked closest with. Stay in touch with Prometheus to learn more about how these stations are developing. Your support helps us get these groups and others on the air!

Meet our new Station Support Director Allan Gomez

Dec 16 2013 - 4:42pm

For over a decade, Allan Gomez has been active in generating media/radio access as an act of solidarity for communities struggling for social justice particularly throughout Latin America, including his country of origin, Ecuador. He was a founding member of Chicago-based volunteer group Radios Populares (RaPo), which travelled throughout North and South America to help build community radio stations, present workshops, and provide tech and organizational support to women's health groups, indigenous schools, farmers' movements and teacher's unions among others. His work brought him very close to the Prometheus Radio Project and he ended up taking part in six radio barnraisings throughout the US. Prior to his arrival in Philadelphia, he spent two years in a conflict zone in rural Colombia providing logistical support to health training initiatives, facilitating community organizing, as well as coordinating appropriate technology installations in the region. He enjoys sharing food, experiences, excitement, rage, blame and credit where its due.

Congratulations, you filed a low power FM application! Now what?

Nov 21 2013 - 5:44pm

First off, if you did not file an application for a low power FM license, it is highly unlikely that there will be another opportunity to do so. But you can still be involved! You can support and connect with folks who did apply on Radio Spark, and you can use our resources to investigate internet streaming.

If you did file: horray for you! But don’t get too excited-- this is just the beginning of the process to get your station on the air. Before you can start building your station, the FCC must award you a construction permit (this is what you applied for).