Best of Press on Passage of the Local Community Radio Act

There has been a great flurry of press on passage of the Local Community Radio Act.  Here is a compiled list:

NY Times • Jan 24, 2011
Low-Power FM Radio to Gain Space on the Dial

Reuters • Jan 29, 2011
New law could foster community radio boom

Pitchfork • Feb 7, 2011
Live Transmission

Philadelphia Inquirer • Jan 2, 2011
Low-power stations to get a spot on the radio dial

NPR, All Things Considered • Dec 13, 2010
Bid to Revive Community Radio Stalls in Senate

Huffington Post • Dec 19, 2010 (front page)
The Little Bill That Could

Washington Post • Jan 7, 2011
Advocates rejoice as Obama signs Local Community Radio Act

Politico • Dec 16, 2010
National Association of Broadcasters gives Congress static

Radio Bill Can’t Get Play in the Senate (Oct 21, 2010)

National Journal • Dec 13, 2010
Community Radio to NAB: Stop Clowning Around

Democracy Now! • Dec 21, 2010
Local Community Radio Act Passes in Congress

Radio Business Report • Jan 5, 2011
Local Community Radio Act: It’s the Law

Senate Passes the Local Community Radio Act • Dec 18, 2010