Comments to the FCC on the Creation of a Digital Audio Broadcasting Service - 1/24/00

The Medium Is The Mess-up: Why Digital Radio Must Be Better DesignedThan IBOC, Prometheus Comment on Digital Radio, Fall 1999

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Prometheus staffers, board members, and volunteers all over the world regularly file comments at the FCC, whenever they put together a proposed set of rules that could impact our rights to communication and free speech. We boldly go where few regular folks have gone before -- without fancy engineering or law degrees, we put together arguments that have fundamentally changed communications policy in the United States and around the world. Or, rather, you've changed these policies! Below, please find comments written by people just like you, and read about future opportunities to participate in a Prometheus filing or comment on the local, federal, and international level.

FCC Passes Nasty Digital Radio Proposal

Prometheus has opposed the digital radio proposal before the FCC known as IBOC, or now renamed HD radio. We believe that the new digital radio system has far greater potential for interference than LPFM ever had, but has received less scrutiny because of it's highly placed backers. More fundamentally, however, we believe that the digitzation of radio should not be used as an opportunity for incumbent broadcasters to enlarge their footprint on the channels, but an opportunity for new organizations to get access to the airwaves.

We are disappointed in the FCC decision. We are dubious that digital radio will be financially successful since it allows no new blood into radio -- and new ownership and new content are what can save radio from its current malaise- not another expensive gadget that is barely different from its predecessor.

Our comments before the FCC on the IBOC proposal.
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