Spectrum Reform

The airwaves—a national treasure used by broadcasters—are actually owned by us, the public. The radio spectrum is an invisible natural resource that is worth more than Bill Gates, the US military budget, and McDonalds combined. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) leases out chunks of this spectrum to broadcasters and they are entrusted to do this on our behalf.

With the advent of new technologies, policymakers and advocates are looking at new ways to use the spectrum. And big broadcasters are digging in, hoping to keep making money off the public without any new obligations to share media access.

Prometheus engages in conversations about spectrum reform to prevent spectrum giveaways, increase opportunities for participatory radio, and ensure that this valuable resource benefits everyone. In doing so, we are active in debates involving digital radio, FM band expansion, and the use of white spaces devices. You can read more about these issues on their respective pages.

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