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Stay up to date with any changes to your station's FCC records and any station short spaced with yours.

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Using Prometheus Torchlight, you'll be the first to know when other stations get too close, or when someone files a petition against you, or your applications at the FCC are approved (or not), and all this for any stations which are short spaced to you too! Prometheus Torchlight continuously watches your FCC records, and those of any stations short spaced to, or "encroaching" upon your station, and alerts you by email to important changes. The short-spacing feature is a crucial advantage for low-power FM stations and applicants because both FM translators and FM full-power stations can apply to move in and can limit your ability to relocate and impact your coverage.

Keep track of competitors for your frequency!

As a Torchlight subscriber, you receive email notifications of the following:

  • Changes to your application and station records at the FCC, including notice of construction-permit expiration extensions.
  • Changes to the applications of short-spaced stations.
  • New petitions against your station or short-spaced stations. (If you receive a petition you must respond to the FCC within 10 days. Failure to do so could result in your application being dismissed.)
  • New letters in your FCC “correspondence folder,", or the correspondence folder of any short-spaced station or applicant, including letters from the FCC, petitions and objections.

A year long Torchlight subscription costs $100, less than $9 a month.

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Custom subscriptions designed to meet your specific needs are also available. Upon request, Torchlight can track multiple stations, all stations in a specific area, stations using the same engineer or lawyer, and more. Contact us today and tell us what you need.

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