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Phil Busse
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Brandy Doyle speaks with Democracy Now! about the appeals court reversal of the FCC attempt to further deregulate U.S. media.

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 Prometheus Staffer Brandy Doyle participated in a panel discussion at New America Foundation (NAF) on Community Media: A Full Spectrum Future.  Details about the event and a link to the video transcript can be found here.


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There has been a great flurry of press on passage of the Local Community Radio Act.  Here is a compiled list:

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After three years of grassroots, volunteer labor, WGXC: Hands-On Radio is set to begin broadcasting on the strongest non- commercial signal in Columbia and Greene counties

By Josh Potter

story from:

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The pressure continues to mount for the expansion of community radio nationwide to churches, schools, and community groups nationwide.

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This was published by All Access Music Group and can be viewed here:

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This article was originally published in Monitoring Times magazine.