Popular education tools: A radio without a telephone

Radio without a telephone


Overview: This exercise is a great way to explore how to build participation in a radio project beyond just call-in shows. This is a fun way to think about how radio is a community building tool and how to build communication that is not one-sided. As opposed to just transmitting a message out, what are ways that messages can also come in? Or, how can the radio have a presence in the community beyond the airwaves?

Time: 10-15 minutes

Goal: To explore how to build greater community participation and think through the mechanisms beyond just call-ins.

Supplies Needed:  Large paper and markers

Begin by telling the story: “You are on the air at a new community radio station, although the only problem is, you do not have budget money for a telephone.  You want to create communication with your listeners, but they cannot simply call in.  What are other ways that people can participate in the radio?”

Generate a list.

Option #1: Offer a chance to discuss these ideas and see what the project has capacity or interest in supporting. (Only appropriate if radio is already functioning or has the organizational capacity to think through these issues.

Option #2: Break the group into groups of 3 or 4, ask them to develop a skits based on their favorite examples.


Closing:  Reflect on the skits, ask people how they feel.

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