All eyes on the Senate! Call your Senators to support community radio

bill becomes a law

Are you tired of hearing the same top 40 music? Are you disappointed that you cannot find any local news coverage on your radio dial? Can you imagine media as a tool for social justice organizing instead of an outlet for misinformation and distraction? We are in the Home Stretch!

The Local Community Radio Act has cleared the House of Representatives- and passed out of the Committee in the Senate. We still need you to help us to push this bill towards passage.

Call your Senator and ask them to support S592, the Local Community Radio Act.

1) Call your Senator's office and ask to speak to the staff person who covers telecom issues. (If you do not know who your representative is, go to or Free Press)

2) Tell the telecom staffer, either over the phone or on their voice mail:

"I am a constituent (say where you are calling from and if you represent an organization or community group) and I am calling to urge him/her to support S592, which expands the Low Power FM radio service, creating opportunities for local community media outlets in our district. The Local Community Radio Act is advancing rapidly and will shortly be hotlined through the Senate. Can I count on the Senator's support?”

3) Following the call, send an email to expandlpfm (at) prometheusradio (dot) org to tell us how your call went.