Malcolm X Barnraising! Housing Frequently Asked Questions

HOUSING during the Barnraising!
Questions and Answers:

Read below for basic questions on housing at the WMPX Barnraising, June 8th-10th! Please email Hannah Sassaman at, or at 267-970-4007, if you have any questions or clarifications. Remember -- the barnraising runs on positive energy, compromise, and working together! We hope these housing options will help you make the most out of the barnraising experience.

Where will I sleep during the barnraising?
Great question. This is a camping and rustic experience for almost everyone. We've secured the Phyllis Wheatley Center -- a wonderful community center with long experience serving diverse communities in Greenville. We'll be eating there too, hosting registration there, and using the center for backup workshop space.

There's a big gym in the center where you can roll out your sleeping bag (which you'll bring yourself), and a good amount of camping space outside the center.

There are showers (no hot water, just cold, but very refreshing at this time of year!) and lockers for your valuables, if you bring your own lock.

We promise it will be a lot of fun!

Can I camp?
You can camp. There'a a good amount of space outside the main registration/eating/backup workshop space, the Phyllis Wheatley Center. That space will be allotted first-come, first-serve. There is also camp space behind one of our local housing coordinator Debbie's real estate property -- one of the houses that we'll be using for homestay space. You can learn more about public campgrounds in and around Greenville here:

Can I stay for free at someone's house during the barnraising? I need a soft bed for a medical reason, etc.
We have some limited homestays for this barnraising -- please let us know if you'd like to get one. We're assigning them first-come, first-serve -- so just because you are asking for a homestay doesn't mean you will get one. There are hotels close to the barnraising location that are available for you to use, as well as ample crash space at the Phyllis Wheatley Center for those who need free spots, and there are limited dorm beds at Furman University (read more below).

Can I stay at a local dormitory?
Prometheus has secured a very limited amount of dormitory beds at North Village at Furman University, 7 miles from the barnraising. These are semi-private rooms, with full-sized beds, and access to hot showers and toilets. We currently have 20 dorm beds available. The dorm rooms are allocated by gender, and you must share. We can't guarantee that you'll be able to stay with friends! You must bring your own bedding for these beds.

You can stay at the dorms on Friday and Saturday night, with checkout by 10am on Sunday.

The cost of the dorm beds is $8.50 per night, or $17 total for the 2 nights. You must pay the cost in full at registration -- so have cash or a check ready. You must also make a deposit with Prometheus of $70 when you pick up your keys. Why such an expensive deposit? Because, if you lose your keys, Prometheus is liable for a replacement cost of $35/key, with 2 keys necessary to enter and exit your dorm. The last time we trusted barnraising attendees with keys, we had to pay over $1000 out of our budget to the University whose dorms we were using! This deposit will make sure you are consciencious about your keys, and will cover the cost of replacing them if you lose them by mistake.

You must come to registration at the Phyllis Wheatley Center to pick up your dorm keys -- no matter how late on Friday you arrive -- and you must return your keys to us on Sunday before you leave!

More information about the Furman Dorms will be available at registration. To get a bed, you must pre-register with Hannah Sassaman, at, or at 267-970-4007.

We'll do our best to accomodate as many folks as possible -- but when the dorm beds run out, we can't make more room! Read this note for many more housing options for the barnraising.

Are there cheap hotels nearby?
There are a wide variety of cheap hotels nearby. You can book your own spot at, or you can call a few cheap hotels that we recommend. Here are some ideas that might work for you:

-- the Econo Lodge Haywood
50 Orchard Park Drive
Greenville, SC 29615
(864) 254-6383

This hotel has a pool, a rate of $49/night if you say Radio Barnraising as the group you are checking in with, and free wireless internet. This hotel is 3.9 miles from the Phyllis Wheatley Center, and features a continental breakfast and a pool. Make a reservation at, or at the numbers above.

-- the Sleep Inn Palmetto Expo Center
231 N Pleasantburg Drive
Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 240-2006

$63.74 is a locked-in rate for folks who check in to the hotel under the 'Radio Barnraising' group (use those words when you check in!). These rates are available Thursday through Sunday. The only rooms available have one queen-sized bed apiece. There are limited cots for those who don't want to share a bed, but do want to share a room. Make a reservation at, or at the numbers above.

What is a homestay?
If you need good access to a shower, and to a bed that is not just a sleeping bag on the floor, and to a little bit more quiet than is available at the common spaces for the barnraising -- and if you can't afford mone for a dorm bed or a hotel -- then a homestay is the place for you. Homestays are always distant from the barnraising sites, so are not a good option if you want to work late, especially if you are depending on friends or barnraising volunteers to give you rides.

Most of the homestays we are offering are pretty rustic -- we have procured 15 army cots that we are bringing to a donated house being offered by Debbie, a wonderful Greenville volunteer. So you'll be off the floor -- but not on a feather bed! You'll need to bring your own bedding and toiletries, but the water, plumbing, electricity, refrigerator, and gas will work in the house.

There's a yard outside that house where you can set up tents, as well, and use the bathrooms inside, at this homestay! A bit of quiet, if not privacy -- and a bit more comfort are yours, for free. The house is within driving distance of the various barnraising sites.

We also have access to a limited number of guest rooms and couches at homes of Greenville residents. If you need a free, comfortable, semi-private spot for a medical or other reason, we can attempt to arrange this for you, with no guarantees. Write Hannah Sassaman ( ) right away if you fall into this category!

What should I bring to make myself comfortable at this barnraising?
We'll publish this in a few other places, but the basic list is: -- your own bedding, if you are staying at Furman University, at Debbie's homestay or at a private homestay, and if you are crashing on the floor of Phyllis Wheatley/

-- a sleeping bag if you are crashing at Phyllis Wheatley, and a tent if you are camping! We can't provide tents or sleeping bags, though we will try to bring extras.
-- a water bottle
-- a flashlight and batteries
-- your own walkman or boombox, so we can test the radio station when it goes up!
-- comfortable, cool, loose clothes and shoes
-- to reduce waste -- we'd love you to bring your own bowl, plate, cup, and cutlery!
-- if you'd like to use a locker at Phyllis Wheatley, your own lock and key or combination lock. We're not responsible for lost or stolen goods!
-- a bike, helmet, and your own lock, to move quickly between sites! Really will improve your barnraising experience.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?
Corey Mark and Hannah Sassaman at Prometheus are coordinating housing for this barnraising. You can reach Corey at, or at 267-808-3380. You can reach Hannah at, or at 267-970-4007.