Radio Summer Sizzles in Detroit!

 Radio Summer Sizzles in Detroit


We made it!


Jeff introduces the concept of Radio Summer to hundreds of excited AMCers!

Radio Summer is on! Dozens of excited organizers attended our Radio Summer Organizer Training at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit eager to get the tools needed to expand community radio in their regions. Since community radio is as much about community as it is about radio, we offered organizing resources to help groups do outreach in their communities. We shared popular education tools to facilitate thinking collectively and creatively about using radio, and gave specific details about starting a station. We also debuted our Radio Summer Toolkit!

Footage of the Radio Summer Workshop at the AMC 2011


More than 40 new people signed up as Radio Summer volunteers at the AMC. That means lots of people will soon be organizing events in their towns, inviting awesome community groups, and sharing the chance to start community radio stations. We exchanged information with fellow AMCers at our Prometheus table.

Mariama, Lucy and Jeff at the Prometheus table


Others will distribute Radio Summer materials at conferences and music festivals. Some will even go on tour to spread the word far and wide. Radio Summer made Detroit sizzle, now it's time to heat up the rest of the country!


Radio Summer workshop participants sharing thoughts prompted by Ian's guiding questions, such as "Which groups in your communities lack access to media?"

Prometheans sharing some popular education tools, posing the question "What do you need to start a radio station?" then "What do you need to start a radio station for social justice?"

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