2011: FCC Chairman Pledges “Swift Action to Open the Dial” Start Your Own Radio Station NOW!

From URB.com

For the first time in U.S. history — despite the fact that radio is already first amendment right — The Fed is opening up the radio dial to low-power FM stations in urban areas. Applications will be accepted soon, and here’s the info, from my in-box to your screen.

Having written about this for years, I’m chuffed as chips about this; it’s a powerful tool for community watchdogs, activists and aspiring impresarios/media moguls/DJs/MCs/bands. Radio might seem outdated but local broadcasting actually delivers a unique and important impact, and the hardware will only cost about $100. But you have got to stand up NOW, as there will be waiting lists in this new frontier, and you have to start your own organization — but if along the way you have trouble, reach out to Prometheus Radio and others. Given that it’s The Fed we’re talking about, this is not going to be as simple a process as it should be.

Additionally, during disasters and emergencies, LPFM (low-power FM) can, and will, save lives. I learned this visiting New Orleans one year post-Katrina; it was a handful of rugged volunteers (who’d been helping soldiers and NGOs establish vital communications on the ground in  Afghanistan) who created the network that made a lifeline possible for first responders in  Hancock County, Mississippi — where Katrina actually first touched down — through to a devastated New Orleans, and the affected areas. Applications will be accepted soon, here’s the info and press release from my in-box to your screen.