LPFM Proponents Set to Protest at NAB

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LPFM Proponents Set Protest At NAB
December 13, 2010 at 5:01 AM (PT)

Proclaiming "Stop Making Community Radio Jump Through Hoops! Let's Pass the LPFM Bill Now!," proponents of low power FM radio are protesting TODAY (12/13) in front of the NAB's WASHINGTON headquarters. The PROMETHEUS RADIO PROJECT's invitation to the noon (ET) protest in front of the NAB's building asks protestors to "bring juggling pins, unicycles, tricks, and costumes. No experience necesesary -- we will provide hoops and orientation."

"What the senators on the left and right and millions of Americans want are access to local voices and perspectives. The NAB has used misinformation to fight it all the way for far too long," the release by PROMETHEUS said, calling the Local Community Radio Act "a bipartisan bill that would allow hundreds of new stations, bringing LPFM to urban areas for the first time."