Tell the National Association of Broadcasters: Stop Blocking Low Power FM Radio!

One call from you could stop a big corporate lobby group from killing the future of community radio.

For 10 years, a movement of pastors and firefighters, civil rights groups and musicians have fought to put media in the hands of our communities in the form of low power FM (LPFM) radio stations.

These stations saved lives after Hurricane Katrina and have put hundreds of churches, schools, and community groups on the air. In an era when big media puts out pop hits instead of local news, these stations represent the best in our democracy. A bipartisan majority of Senators and Congressmembers are just one step away from passing a bill that could bring them to your town.

But one big media lobby, the National Association of Broadcasters, could kill our chances for our own local neighborhood stations, even though groups on the right and the left all want LPFM. The NAB has blocked the Local Community Radio Act – a bill that would expand low power FM radio to thousands of communities nationwide – by asking Senators to secretly hold it up. And time is running out to pass it this year!

Call Gordon Smith at the National Association of Broadcasters and ask him to get out of the way of low power FM radio and the Local Community Radio Act. You can reach him at 202-429-5449.

You can say something like:

    Hi, my name is ________, and I'm a radio listener living in YOUR TOWN, YOUR STATE. The NAB is blocking the expansion of low power FM community radio across the country. NAB President Gordon Smith -- please stop blocking LPFM -- we need it in our community! Thank you.

Feel free to leave a voicemail if you can't get through -- then email us back at to let us know you called.

The NAB tried to kill low power FM radio in 2000, then claimed that tiny radio stations would interfere with big ones 50 times their size. They convinced Congress to keep low power FM out of most communities until the FCC could prove there was room for low power FM everywhere. That proof is out, but the NAB is ignoring it. They're trying to use their political influence to keep the airwaves all to themselves. And radio matters: Twice as many people get their news from talk radio as from the TV evening news -- on all three networks combined.

Communities with low power FM stations have local artists, real political debate, and emergency broadcasts with truly local information. We can't let one big lobby group kill one of our last chances to own our own airwaves.

Tell the National Association of Broadcasters that you won't let them kill low power FM without a fight by calling NAB President Gordon Smith at 202-429-5449. Then email us at to let us know how it went.

Just a few companies own our media, and diversity is long overdue. Rebuilding our economy and winning justice for our neighbor depends on real debate getting out there. If we stop the NAB from killing low power FM, we can build thousands of independent radio stations in our communities. And every independent voice means we're one step closer to making our society the best it can be.

Thanks for joining us for this fight!

Electromagnetically yours,

The Prometheus Radio Project

P.S. You can read more about low-power FM radio from our friends at Free Press by clicking here: -- and if you want to do more, call your Senator and ask them to pass the Local Community Radio Act by clicking here --