Application/MX Info

I applied for a full power Non Comercial Educational Radio license but I haven't heard anything about it in years? What should I do?  Most likely you are in a Mutually Exclusive or MX Situation.  Now you may ask:

What is an MX situation?

After your group submitted your application, the FCC sorted them all to find out which ones are in competition with each other. They use the term “mutually exclusive” (or shortened to “MX” for those on-the-go) to indicate that if one application would be granted, then the other application would not be able to be granted. Applications that are MX'd with each other may either be applying for the same or adjacent (close) frequency and the same geographic location, or can be two stations whose broadcast area just overlap each other. If you have not heard anything about your group's status, you're probably in a larger MX group and your engineer and/or lawyer should notify you when your group is published by the FCC. If you're in doubt, please contact your engineer/lawyer and if they are unable to provide you with info you may contact Prometheus. In order for you to receive ongoing information regarding your application, it is essential that the FCC has your most recent contact info. To update your contact info, simply log into your organization’s account on the FCC. If you have lost your account information, contact for assistance.

The FCC periodically releases information on the audio division of their website with the MX groups and which applicant from the group they have decided is the "winner" or in technical terms "accepted for filing"  

If you are in an MX situation or you aren't sure what is going on with your application, and you haven't been able to get an update from your engineer/lawyer, please contact Station Support as soon as possible so we can help you look into your application.  Email us at stations(at)