Lets Amplify Video Segment

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"Let's Amplify!" Karas Lamb, Prometheus volunteer extraordinaire, produced this short video to get folks excited about being involved in community media and the LPFM opportunity. How will your community use LPFM? Will you cover local news and issues affecting your region? Will you highlight local culture and music? With LPFM, we have the chance to raise our voices up and be heard in communities where local viewpoints have been crowded out by nationally syndicated programming. Let's Amplify!


Karas Lamb, video segment producer Karas began volunteering at Prometheus in 2009 as part of the People Powered Radio Project, where she helped edit and produce videos and interactive maps. Karas joined us at the WGXC barnraising in Hudson, NY in 2010, where she says her commitment to being a champion for media justice was strengthened. Born and raised in West Philadelphia, Karas is dedicated to seeing her community and others like it across the U.S. flourish with the opportunity presented by LPFM.

“LPFM could have a great hand in helping to...preserve lots of things about American musical culture that are under appreciated and potentially in danger of being forgotten. This is especially powerful when you consider the power music has had in the past to encourage and support political movements. There is definitely a bridge that can be created.”

Outside of her work with Prometheus, she is a contributor at The Revivalist and teaches a rap and poetry writing workshop for youth at the Mighty Writers in Philadelphia. She is a graduate of the University of the Arts.