KMUD Volunteer Agreement

With three transmitters in operation, KMUD serves several counties in Northwestern California. KMUD is owned and operated by Redwood Community Radio, Inc. a non-profit corporation. We've been broadcasting since May 28, 1987. Our programming (90% of which is produced locally) includes music of all kinds (roughly 75% of airtime); news of the region and beyond; public affairs and call-in talk shows. KMUD is composed of over one hundred and twenty volunteer programmers and six full-time staff.


KMUD/Redwood Community Radio

Thank you for volunteering at KMUD!

KMUD depends on volunteer energy. To offer the community great programming,
access to the airwaves and a diversity of voices, we need to pay the bills and keep ourfacilities maintained. From answering phones during the fund drives to tidying up thekitchen and staffing benefit events, volunteer energy is the glue that holds it alltogether. In this way, each volunteer, whether or not they are a programmer, is acitizen of the KMUD community. These are some elements of that citizenship.

1. I, __________________________ (name), volunteer for KMUD, have read KMUD’sOperator’s Handbook (if a programmer), Disciplinary Policy and ProblemSolving Procedure.
2. While there is no set requirement for volunteer hours, performing some amountof volunteer work is an essential component of my time at KMUD.
3. I will work with the Volunteer Coordinator to outline a plan for my volunteertime at KMUD that is (a) additional to my time on the air (if I am a programmer),
and (b) comfortable and appropriate for my schedule.
4. I understand that my volunteer work will be reviewed from time to time by theVolunteer Coordinator in consultation with myself, the Program Manager,
and/or any other coordinators with whom I work.
5. At any time, with two weeks’ notice, I am entitled to a review session with theVolunteer Coordinator and any other appropriate individuals, including amember of the Personnel Committee or personal advocate if I so choose. The
purpose of such a session would be: (a) to obtain helpful and constructivefeedback on my work as a volunteer, (b) to identify areas of volunteer activitythat are compatible with me, (c) to offer my input towards the smootherfunctioning of volunteer activities at KMUD, and (d) make me aware of anyserious concerns held by staff, management or other volunteers regarding myvolunteer activities.
6. I agree to obtain permission from the Management Team or Board of Directorsbefore acting as a spokesperson or agent for KMUD, and before using KMUD’sname in association with any public event or activity.
7. I agree not to be impaired by alcohol or controlled substances while performing volunteer activities for KMUD.
8. If I so choose, I may exchange six hours of volunteer work (pre-approved by theManagement Team) for a one-year membership in KMUD.
9. If I perform six hours of approved volunteer work within a six-month period, Iwill be eligible to vote for the Volunteer Representative to the Personnel Committee. I will also have access to the Personnel Committee’s problem solving services, if needed.
10. I prefer the following types of volunteer work (Please circle):
ON-AIR FUNDRAISERS: answer phones; sit at KMUD table outside store; pitch on-
air; coordinate a shift; produce a shift; cook/bring food to station; help with
premiums (writing letters, labeling, maintaining lists); record on-air promos;
coordinate shift scheduling (make phone calls to volunteers).
OFFICE: answer phones during regular business week; stuff envelopes; filing; light

office work; telephoning volunteers.
MUSIC LIBRARY: file CD’s, re-alphabetize, label CD’s.
EVENTS: doors, security, kitchen, cleanup, write publicity, hang posters, produce

audio promos, make iced coffee, staff iced coffee booths, setup/breakdown, serving.
STATION MAINTENANCE: landscaping, carpentry, cleaning, recycling.
PROGRAM GUIDE: writing, layout, get ads, photo work, editing/proofreading,

OTHER: ____________________________________________________________

11. Please do not ask me to do the following volunteer task(s): ____________
12. (Contact info) Telephone: ____________ Alternate phone: ______________
Address: __________________________________________________________
Email: __________________________________________________________
Signed, ___________________________________, on: __________________
Volunteer Date

___________________________________, on: __________________
Volunteer Coordinator Date

Thank you for your time and energy!