Prometheus Radio Broadcast: July 2009

This summer is an exciting time for community radio, with significant strides being made in the campaign to expand Low Power FM. We are working hard to mobilize support to pass the Low Power Community Radio Act and we need your help, so please consider donating today so we can continue our fight!

Summer of Action: National Call-in Day and Meetings for Low Power Radio


Temperatures are rising, and the Prometheus Campaign Team is getting ready to turn up the heat on Congress! Before members of Congress head back to their home states for the August recess, we will let them know that the unfair restrictions on Low Power FM radio must go! 

On Monday, July 20th, communities across the country will be taking part in National Call-in Day by contacting their Congressional Representatives to demand passage of the Local Community Radio Act. On National Call-in Day, we will be hosting an open house and call center in our Philadelphia office, so please join us if you are in the area.

The Summer of Action continues in August, when there will be coordinated visits to Representatives’ home offices across the country to demand more local radio.


Tune In: We Are Ready Now Radio


From July 16 to 18, Prometheans will descend on Detroit to participate in the 11th annual Allied Media Conference. For those of you who can’t make it, we will be broadcasting live from the conference. You can tune in via webstream, with will also be linked from the AMC’s website. The broadcast will feature programs hosted by Radio Rootz Youth from NYC, Bump Lyricists from the Bay, Organizers with Project South, Youth with D-town's own Detroit Summer, your favorite folks from t he Prometheus Radio Project, and more. There will also be a one-hour program, featuring conference highlights, available for you to air on your station following the conference.


Contact with questions.



Support Community Radio During the Honduran Coup


On June 30, 2009, a military coup ousted the democratically elected government of Honduras and took over many of the country’s mainstream media outlets. In response, decentralized networks of community media are emerging as the essential communication infrastructure for disseminating information, providing public forums, political mobilizing, and self-defense.

Friends of Prometheus, the Primary Communications Project, are in Honduras working with La Voz Lenca, a community radio station located in La Esperanza and run by COPINH. Andy Gunn, the Prometheus Radio Project's Technical Contractor, just returned from helping PCP with the project, and will provide an account of his trip for the Prometheus site in the next several weeks. Please READ ON to find out how you can support community radio stations in Honduras, like La Voz Lenca, during this political crisis.


Top Ten Problems with HD Radio


On July 6, Prometheus filed comments with the FCC to oppose a proposed power increase for digital radio signals (aka "HD radio"). But since most people haven't heard enough about digital radio to even weigh in on the issue, this month we've put together our Top Ten Problems with HD Radio.