Future Stations

Prometheus supported more than 1,000 groups who applied for a low power FM license in 2013.  In January, the FCC began awarding construction permits and within 18 months hundreds of new radio stations will be on air. Here are some of the Prometheus supported groups that are working to build their very own community radio station.

All of these groups, located throughout the US, are doing great work. Stay in touch with Prometheus to learn more about how these stations are developing. Your support helps us get these groups and others on the air!

Access Fort Wayne - Fort Wayne, Indiana
As a department of the Allen County Public Library, Access Fort Wayne produces public access and local government television. However, for over a decade assistant manager Erik Mollberg has been reaching out to community groups to gauge their interest in starting a radio station. “The more I talked with these groups, the more excited people became,” Mollberg said. Read the full profile...
AdvoCare, Inc. - Great Cacapon, West Virginia
AdvoCare is part of a national effort to work towards an alternative to the current criminal justice system. Its approach is one of supporting initiatives to improve public safety by other means than incarceration, while providing assistance to current and former incarcerated individuals in the form of education, employment referrals and legal advice.
Asheville FM - Asheville, Tennessee
In the year 2009 Kim (the college radio junkie) and Greg (the music junkie) along with 30-40 others would meet at Laurey's Catering, downtown Asheville. These meetings became regular and Friends of Community Radio– as they had come to call themselves–realized one day they had the talent, the drive, and the equipment to start their own station. Read the full profile...
AWAKENING/arts & culture - Orlando, Florida
The community of Orlando, Florida has been undergoing a cultural and artistic awakening throughout the past eight years. What has brought about this cultural evolution?  None other than AWAKENING/art & culture and their creation, the Orlando Latin American Film and Heritage Festival. This organization and community radio station hopeful  serves more than the artistic needs of the local Hispanic community. Read the full profile...
Baglenn driverrow Arctic Science Consortium (BASC) - Barrow, Alaska
Located in Barrow, Alaska, the northermost city in the US, BASC brings together scientists and members of the local Iñupiaq community in order to better understand Alaska’s North Slope and adjacent portions of the Arctic Ocean. Besides conducting collaborative scientific research, BASC also runs educational activities related to the local environment.
Big Car Media, Inc. - Indianapolis, Indiana
Big Car Media strives to transform communities by "bringing art to people and people to art". Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Big Car Media is a collective of artists and activists that operates the Service Center for Contemporary Culture and Community. Formerly an abandoned tire shop in a struggling urban neighborhood, the Service Center boasts an Immigrant Welcome Center, a community garden, and exhibition space for local and national artists.
The Big Pine Paiute Tribe - Big Pine, California
Residing in Big Pine, California, the Big Pine Paiute Tribe is a federally recognized tribe with its own programs related to education, environmental protection, economic justice, and cultural preservation. A tribal radio station would not only disseminate tribal news, but also facilitate the preservation of the tribe's linguistic and cultural traditions. Read the full profite...
La Casa de La Raza - Santa Barbara, California
Located on the Eastside of Santa Barbara, La Casa de La Raza strives to empower the Latino community by providing vital services and fostering community expression. In both California and the United as a whole, however, the empowerment of Latino community is undermined by negative images in the media. Read the full profile...
Chicago Independent Radio Project - Chicago, Illinois
Spawned from deep within the underground realm of Chicago, a specter with ties to community groups and the city's independent arts and music scene lurks around seemingly every corner, wittingly injecting the city and its denizens with plentiful doses of unique events and local fervor. Read the full profile...
Citizens Against Unfair Financial Practices (CAUFP) - Cordova, Tennessee
After two decades of fighting against a flawed and discriminatory financial lending system, Felix M. Cordova was compelled to found Citizens Against Unfair Financial Practices (CAUFP) to protect people’s economic rights. Besides educating individuals about the basics of finance in English and Spanish, CAUFP regularly organizes events in the Memphis Latino community.
The Colorado Independent - Denver, Colorado
The Colorado Independent seeks both to produce good journalism and to inspire readers to act for social change. Repoting on issues such as the criminal justice system, education, environmental justice, immigration, and income inequality, the Colorado Independent represents a beacon for indhttp://chirpradio.org/ependent media in Colorado.
Colorado Media Justice Foundation (CMJF) - Colorado Springs, Colorado
The Colorado Media Justice Foundation is a community organization dedicated to exploring the ways in which media can serve the common good. Located in Colorado Springs, CMJF is committed to helping diverse groups with a focus on community organizing own and utilize media resources.
Community Arts and Media Project (CAMP) - St. Louis, Missouri
The Community Arts and Media Project is a community center dedicated to empowering the St. Louis community. With a focus on grassroots education, CAMP facilitates activities as diverse as mural painting and community gardening to dance classes and workshops in their very own bike shop.
Fort Hood Support Network - Fort Hood, Texas
Since the Vietnam War, Fort Hood, one of the largest military installations in the world, has been a hub for anti-war activity. In that era, the cafe called The Oleo Strut organized anti-war activists, including GIs. This activist tradition lives on at Under the Hood Cafe, operated by the Fort Hood Support Network, which organizes GIs and veterans and provides them with couselling, information on their rights, and cultural programming.

The Gullah People’s Movement - Beaufort, South Carolina
The Gullah People’s Movement seeks to empower the Gullah-Geechee nation spread throughout South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. By spotlighting news “written by, about and for the Black community”, Lowcountry Community Radio will make sure the Gullah community is vibrant for years to come. Read the full profile...


The Hopi Foundation - Kykotsmovie, Arizona
Founded in 1987, the Hopi Foundation lives up to its motto “Strengthening Communities through Collaborative Action”. Based in the 12,000 strong Hopi community of northeastern Arizona, the foundation promotes community involvement, self-sufficiency, and traditional values. To this end, the group has reclaimed stolen sacred objects, electrified villages using solar power, published books in the Hopi language, and worked to preserve traditional Hopi architecture.

Main Street Project - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Within the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, there exists twin neighborhoods– Frogtown and Phillips, both of which serve as gateways and as homes to recent immigrants and refugees.Though these two Twin Cities communities are separated by the Mississippi River, they mirror each other in many aspects. Working diligently within these two culturally rich neighborhoods for the past eight years has been the Main Street Project. Read the full profile...

Make This World Foundation - Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Make This World Foundation crafts and disseminates PSA's, fundraising appeals, and other outreach material for non-profits with a focus on social justice issues. A project of the foundation, Ann Arbor Community Radio promotes media diversity in its own community by partnering with local organizations such as the NAACP, churches, schools, and local government.
Multi-Use Community Cultural Center (MUCCC) - Rochester, New York
As its name suggests, the Multi-Use Community Cultural Center is a community-run theater and performance space located in Rochester, New York. All of their productions are produced by organizations in the area, demonstrating MUCCC's commitment to community theater. It currently has twelve artists in residence, many of them Rochester natives themselves, and runs programs with local colleges. In their words, they "provide the "theatre" for performers who don't have one".
Mutual Musicians Foundation - Kansas City, Missouri
If you should ever find yourself walking down Highland Street on a Friday or Saturday night in Kansas City, you may come across building 1823. This is The Mutual Musicians Foundation, and it’s at this point in your walk where you might hear some live jazz playing. Read the full profile...


New Music Collective - Charleston, South Carolina
The New Music Collective is dedicated to building a community around local contemporary music in the South Carolina Lowcountry, or the region along the state's coast. Through supporting local artists and prioritizing community participation by means of demonstrations and workshops, the Collective bolsters a musical community that would otherwise have little support.
New York Media Alliance - Troy, New York
For residents of the town of Troy in upstate New York, the Sanctuary for Independent Media is the only place they can go to hear an anti-consumerist gospel choir, a lecture on race and media, or a free jazz and electronica duet. But if the New York Media Alliance can get their low power station on the air, all of these events and more will be available to any of Troy's residents with a radio and an interest in community arts. Read the full profile...

Northeast Ohio AFSC - Akron, Ohio
The Northeast Ohio AFSC is a chapter of the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization dedicated to organizing around issues of peace, sustainability, democracy and economic justice. With close ties to community groups and labor unions, the Northeast Ohio AFSC particularly focuses on reducing corporate power and money’s role in politics.
The Ohio Hispanic Coalition - Columbus, Ohio
The Ohio Hispanic Coalition (OHC) began its’ work in the 90's to respond to the needs of Latino immigrants in the Columbus area. Josué Vicente, the organization's Executive Director tells us how OHC's mission has developed over time and why a radio station could be the missing element. Read the full profile...
The Ordinary People's Society - Dothan, Alabama
Twelve years ago, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow was in the midst of different forms of local outreach, extending himself to community members in an effort to provide education on local and national issues. While working on his own to stimulate change, he was approached by a friend who hosted a faith-based radio show to hit the streets and interview individuals live via cellphone as a weekly feature of the show. Read the full profile...

People’s Press Project - Fargo, North Dakota
As members of the People Escaping Poverty Project and a local paper called the High Plains Reader respectively, Duke and Cindy Gomez-Schempp were well known for their dedication to the Fargo-Moorhead community even before their founding of the People’s Press Project (PPP) in 2010. They realized, however, that efforts to empower the community could only go so far without media produced by and for the people. Read the full profile...

Radio-4-Us - Clarksville, Tennessee
Radio-4-Us of Clarksville, Tennessee, is headed by members of the local branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the oldest African-American civil rights organization in the US. Firmly rooted in the local community, Radio-4-Us has a strong emphasis on promoting local minority-owned businesses, involving local students in developing programming, and fundraising for various social justice causes.
Radio NOLA HIV - New Orleans, Lousiana
For Radio NOLA HIV, who hope to become WHIV-LP, saying the name of the station is a part of the mission. “HIV is, unfortunately, still a highly stigmatized disease. … But by just saying the word, or calling out the letters over and over again, WHIV, or HIV... it becomes destigmatized,” says MarkAlain Dery, assistant professor of medicine at Tulane University and medical director of a sliding scale HIV clinic. Read the full profile...
Southern Christian Leadership Conference Florida - Pensacola, Florida
SCLC Florida is the state chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization that can trace its roots to the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955. The SCLC played a pivotal role in the US Civil Rights Movement, but it continues to “Redeem the Soul of America” by advancing civil and human rights, feeding the hungry, providing job training, registering voters, and fighting right-wing attempts to marginalize the black vote.
Sunflower Community Action - Wichita, Kansas
Sunflower Community Action is located in Wichita, but its presence is felt throughout Kansas. As a leader in the fight for worker justice, immigration reform, better education, and environmental justice, Sunflower empowers its diverse base to seek lasting solutions to community problems. To give just one example of its successes, Sunflower has won back more than two and half million dollars for victims of wage theft and wrongful injury since 2009. Read the full profile...
Tri-County Community Action Agency, Inc. - Bridgeton, New Jersey
Located in Southern New Jersey, the Tri-County Community Action Agency works to enable low-income individuals of all ages to become self-sufficient through education, counseling, vocational training, and employment referrals. The agency also works closely with the Farmworker Support Committee (CATA) to fight for better working and living conditions for communities throughout the Atlantic region.
Two Harbors Community Radio - Two Harbors, Minnesota
In 2001, the late social worker and life-long activist Marek Fuller held a weekly study group on globalization out of his home in the small iron ore shipping town of Two Harbors, Minnesota. Normally he ran his study groups out of the University in the nearby city of Duluth, but this time he decided to take it 25 miles up the north shore of Lake Superior to his home town. Read the full profile...
United Mountain Defense - Knoxville, Tennessee
“I ended up in my boxers in the ash spill; literally swimming in the nasty ash.”
Freshwater, accounting for only 2.5% of the earth’s water (most of that frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps), is one of our most important natural resources. And yet, despite the Clean Water Act and EPA regulation, we are allowing our limited supply of freshwater to become polluted. Read the full profile...
VAYLA - New Orleans
VAYLA is a community organization spearheaded by young leaders and students fighting for environmental justice as well as educational and health equity in New Orleans. The organization was born out of the successful campaign led by members of the mostly African American and Vietnamese American Village de l’Est neighborhood to stop the city’s dumping of toxic debris left over from Hurricane Katrina in a nearby landfill. Read the full profile...