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On February 13, join Prometheus in an international celebration of World Radio Day, a day honoring the dynamic medium that continues to be a crucial part of our communities and movements! As we hear from folks all across the U.S. about what the upcoming low power FM opportunity means to them, we reflect on how vital and necessary it is here and in other parts the world. We are excited for what the next few months hold for the media landscape! It is within the reach of many people who have never had access to the airwaves before. That is something to cheer for every day! Join the celebration and tell us why radio matters to you and what it will mean for you and your community! Share your thoughts!

Imagine what the airwaves could sound like with thousands of local community stations sharing the news and culture that has been absent from the media for so long. You can support this vision by supporting Prometheus! Join us today!


Station Applicant Checklist

One of the newest tools Prometheus has to offer to low power FM (LPFM) radio hopefuls is the application checklist.  It is designed to help organizations along the path to apply for a LPFM radio license.

The checklist has been updated in January 2013 to reflect the new FCC rules for low power radio.The FCC has not yet released a new low power application form based on the new rules. You can get a sense of the application format by downloading the old application pdf, but keep in mind that the rules there are out of date.

Be sure to fill out the Prometheus applicant support form to get updates and support through the application process.

Spread the Fire! Expanding Our Outreach

Sparks are good, but now is the time to fan the flames. The outreach work we do over the coming months will determine whether the next generation of community radio stations will sound more like Democracy Now! or Rush Limbaugh.

We've got lots of ways you can help spread the word to social justice groups and diverse communities across the country about the chance to apply for radio licenses on October 15.

Join our new monthly Outreach Partners Calls. Prometheus and our allies will support you to spread the fire of community radio with outreach tools, news hooks, events, tours, and more. Our first regular Outreach Partners call is on World Radio Day - February 13.

Whether you're a large national organization like the NAACP supporting your members to get on the air, or a local applicant group that wants to bring additional partners to the table for your station, or even if you're just an individual with contacts - outreach is for everybody. Join this call to hear what's happening and learn how you can participate in the coming months to transform the airwaves forever.

Civil Rights Webinar

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the National Urban League (NUL) have partnered with Prometheus for an upcoming webinar: Civil Rights on the Radio.

African American radio has played an important role in supporting civil rights and challenging the racist discourse of corporate and conservative radio. Today, while people of color make up more than 36% of the U.S. population they own only about 7% of all radio licenses and 3% of TV licenses. The upcoming low power FM licensing window is the biggest opportunity ever for people of color in the U.S. to own the broadcast airwaves. Help us promote this webinar and join us on February 26th to hear these groups' visions for community radio, and learn the basics of starting a station.

Visit our Outreach Page to find materials you can download, print, or add to your website!

CIW Plans March for Rights, Respect & Fair Food

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a grassroots organization led by farm workers in Florida who pick the tomatoes eaten across the U.S., run the Spanish-and-indigenous-language community radio station, Radio Conciencia, in Immokalee, Florida. Prometheus helped build their station in 2003. Today, the CIW might be the most successful social justice group in the country today.

Starting on March 3, The CIW will embark on a two-week 150 mile March for Rights, Respect, and Fair Food. They're marching through Florida to the headquarters of Publix, the supermarket giant. According to their website, "First, we will march to mark the progress we have made since the turn of the new millennium, progress culminating in the historic changes underway today thanks to the Fair Food Program. And second, we will march to underscore the hard work that remains to be done as supermarket industry leaders -- chief among them Publix -- continue to undermine that progress and deny their responsibility to do their part to end decades of farmworker poverty and degradation."

The CIW's campaigns have led to historic labor victories for justice and fair treatment in the fields. They’ve also won campaigns against the biggest food companies on the planet including McDonald's, Taco Bell, Burger King, and Whole Foods pressuring them to ensure that the supply line for their products respects human rights. Join us in our support of the CIW!

Weaving Communication Networks

Prometheus staff member Ana Martina recently had the honor of participating in several workshops and panels at the National Forum on Indigenous Communication in Columbia. As part of the discussions with the Tejido do Comunicación, she was able to learn about their vision for using radio as a tool for organizaing indigenous people and for grassroots social change. Click here to read her report in both English and Spanish.

Upcoming Events!

Join Prometheus on Saturday March 2 as we team up with "Get Lucid!" for an art and dance party! "Get Lucid!" holds monthly fundraisers for social justice organizations and we're excited to partner with them for this evening of music, plays and performances!  Join us at PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th St. Philadelphia, PA) from 8pm-12:30am. We'll see you there!


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