February 2012 Prometheus Radio Broadcast


Any day now, we expect to hear from the FCC on two major policy issues that are the result of years of work by Prometheus Radio Project and supporters like you. The FCC will be releasing its final rules to preserve channels for community radio in urban areas, as well as new proposed rules that will shape the future of the Low Power FM (LPFM) radio service. Once those new rules are complete later this year, the FCC will be ready to announce an application filing window, when groups can apply for new stations at last.
We are not idle while we wait.  Prometheus and our allies have created a network of support to ensure that community groups are well prepared to take advantage of the momentous opportunity ahead. We are organizing support teams of volunteer lawyers, engineers, and people like you.  Please help us to keep our work going.

Building a Network, One Group at a Time                       

Imagine what you could do with a radio station. Now imagine what we can do with one thousand radio stations!

"We have an uprecedented opportunity to support our more than 800,000 members through the process of starting radio stations all over the country," said ColorOfChange Executive Director Rashad Robinson. "Our partnership with Prometheus will allow us to broadcast our messages to an even broader audience and mobilize our communities to action."

We are seeking partners to help local groups get ready and apply for licenses. These "anchor partners" will provide regular hand-holding support for applicants in your region or area of interest. We will suggest groups based on your interests (LGBT centers, groups in South Florida, for example) and/or you can recruit groups. We will provide all the materials you would need and ongoing training and support to you. Read more . . .


Welcome New Staff                                                                             
Meet Ana Martina
Ana Martina joined the Prometheus staff in January as the Technical and Training Coordinator.  She was born in Mexico City and her passion is the promotion of independent media for social justice. She participated in technical and training support in community radio stations in Mexico, Central America and the US. In 2003, in conjunction with the Beehive Collective, launched a media caravan all over across Central America documenting the affectations of NAFTA and Plan Puebla Panama.
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Meet Tim Cravens

Tim Cravens joined Prometheus Radio Project on February 1, 2012, as the Development and Communications Associate. He has experience working for a number of non-profit organizations, most recently serving as the Gift Planning Manger for the American Friends Service Committee. He enjoys finding ways to help people find ways to express their passion for their principles by determining the best ways to give to organizations that live out those principles in practical ways. He looks forward to helping to increase support for the great work that Prometheus does.

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Maximize Your Station's Reach with Social Media                    
Why would a radio station need social media? There are more than 800 million active Facebook users globally. In less than 8 years, the ubiquitous website and mobile application has become an integral source of communication for millions around the world. Social movements have flourished due to the benefits this kind of technology allows in communications infrastructure, as evidenced in the recent spur of protests continuing to emerge around the world. In sum, FB has revolutionized the way we communicate.
More than 50% of FB users log into their account at least once a day and that number is steadily increasing as more people gain mobile wireless access. Users have also moved from communicating with just friends and family to also interacting with organizations, businesses, communities and a variety of other “fan” pages. This makes community radio stations prime users for Facebook. With a fan page, stations can increase access to programming and dialog with staff and supporters. 
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Station Profile: KDGZ 98.3 FM                                                          

KDGZ-LP, run out of Townsend, Montana's Broadwater High school, is integral to the school and the surrounding community. Townsend is very sports-oriented, but because students often travel  hundreds of miles for sports, it's hard for parents to make it to away games. Volunteers help by broadcasting them live. KDGZ also broadcasts information about community events, like the county fair and Oktoberfest. One year, elementary school students wrote holiday-themed poems. Broadwater's Radio Broadcasting class recorded them, and soon their little voices were on the air. "It was a hoot!" says Mia Whitfield, station manager.
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Thank You Donors!

The following people contributed to Prometheus between 1/1/12 and 2/6/12. 


Val Barnes

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