Prometheus Welcomes Accord on Low Power FM and the Local Community Radio Act


Below is a statement from the Prometheus Radio Project on House passage of the Local Community Radio Act and a new accord between legislators pushing to expand low power FM radio and the National Association of Broadcasters:

The Prometheus Radio Project celebrates the re-passage of the Local Community Radio Act (HR 6533).  We also welcome the news that legislators and the National Association of Broadcasters have reached an accord on the Senate version of the bill, the Local Community Radio Act, S592 -- a bill that would expand low power FM noncommercial radio stations to communities nationwide.

Low power FM radio stations change communities for the better, giving media access to youth, faith groups, emergency responders, social justice organizations, and many others.

We thank the tireless work to champion the bill by cosponsors Senators Maria Cantwell and John McCain, and Congressmembers Mike Doyle and Lee Terry, and we eagerly await the next step in this process -- the news that the accord on the Local Community Radio Act will be brought before the Senate.

We also congratulate Lee Terry on his appointment as Vice Chair of the House Subcommittee on Communications, and Greg Walden on his appointment as Chair of the same.  As a real "radio guy", who initially opposed LPFM, Walden caused community radio supporters to celebrate when he withdrew his opposition to expanding the service and voted for the Local Community Radio Act when it came before his committee last year.  We commend Terry's leadership and work in his caucus and across the Subcommitee, and Walden's decision to support expanding community radio, and look forward to both leaders' independence and leadership which will lead them to be fair-minded decisionmakers on the Subcommittee.

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