Leahy: Community Radio Bill Passing Soon

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy has recently given public support for S. 592: The Local Community Radio Act--and said that it will pass soon!

On May 19th, the Vermont weekly newspaper Seven Days published an open letter in support of community low-power radio, in which journalist Dan Bolles called on Senator Leahy to help pass this long-overdue bill. This prompted Senator Leahy to respond with a personal phone call to Bolles  affirming his support for the Local Community Radio Act. When questioned about the bill's future, Senator Leahy said: "It will pass. Soon."

The Burlington Free Press Local recently ran an article about Vermont's thriving local community radio station on May 20th. Read it at: Catch a wave: Community radio stations boost Vermonters' on-air opportunities.

The Local Community Radio Act, which Senator Leahy cosponsors, was approved by the House last year. When passed, it will relax restrictions on licensing for the low-power, community radio stations, allowing numerous new opportunities for local news and music in Vermont, as well as hundreds of new low-power stations across the country.