Call FCC today to save our media from consolidation!

Friday’s FCC vote to expand community radio was a great holiday gift, but now the FCC is trying to leave something much worse in our stockings: more media consolidation.

The FCC wants to gut the 30-year-old “cross-ownership” rule, designed to prevent one media company from controlling too much of the news in any city. With the rule gone, one company will be allowed to own a daily newspaper, two TV stations and up to eight radio stations in your town. (That one company could be your Internet provider, too.)
Our only hope is that FCC Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel will oppose the rules. If they do, we believe that FCC Chairman Genachowski will back down.
Prometheus is joining with Free Press and the Center for Media Justice in a national call-in day of action today, Tuesday, Dec 4.
Please join us by calling these Commissioners and asking them to stand up for a democratic, diverse media system! Your call should take less than a minute.
•     Commissioner Mignon Clyburn - (202) 418-2100
•     Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel -  (202) 418-2400

Tell the staff person your name, where you’re calling from, and your organization or station if you have one. You can borrow from the text below, and it’s especially helpful if you can make your comments local, personal and concrete. 
Be sure to end your call by asking the Commissioner to stand up for media justice and vote no on the media ownership proposal. And don’t forget to thank the staffer!
Some “talking points” you can use in your call:
• We can't afford more media consolidation: Relaxing cross-ownership will put too much media power in the hands of too few people and will mean less local news in our cities and towns.
• This rule change will hurt media diversity: The number of TV and radio stations owned by women and people of color will go down as small stations get bought by larger companies.
• The FCC should involve the public in the process: When the Bush FCC first tried to push through the same bad rules they held seven public hearings. The last FCC Chairman at least announced his plans in the New York Times. Chairman Genachowski hasn’t even revealed his whole proposal.
Thanks for your help in saving our media!
Electromagnetically yours,
The Prometheus Radio Project

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