Arizona, Get on the air: Low Power FM radio!!!

"Ownership is critically important: who owns the media is who gets to speak. This is why community radio is so important, it democratizes the media ... We have to tell our own story because when we don't, we are harmed."

-Joe Torres, Free Press

After ten years of community organizing, a powerful grassroots campaign led by the Prometheus Radio Project successfully pushed the Local Community Radio Act through Congress, winning the opportunity for local groups to control a piece of the broadcast airwaves! As early as Fall 2012, community groups will be able to apply for new community radio stations.

This is our one-time golden opportunity to seize the airwaves! It's a chance to build a national communications infrastructure in the hands of the people. Organizers from the Prometheus Radio Project are coming to Arizona to share information and strategies for starting stations.


Arizona needs community radio. We see our communities and our cultures under attack, from SB-1070 to the Ethnic Studies ban. Hate speech on rightwing radio divides us and creates fear. Yet community radio can be a tool to organize our communities, celebrate our cultures, and amplify the voices that have been silenced.

And with many open frequencies available, these new stations could transform Arizona's media landscape. We expect open frequencies to be available in the Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff area. Most rural areas, such as Tribal reservations, will have even more room for new stations.

But to make this vision a reality, the time to start preparing is now. Join Prometheus for a informal info session and strategy chat about the upcoming chance to start stations. We will discuss eligibility requirements, costs, timeline, collaboration, and more.

Please join us in this discussion to get your community on the air, and please spread this invitation widely!


Tucson: Saturday Feb 11, 2-4pm
Housing Center Tucson
801 W Congress St
Tucson, AZ

Phoenix: Friday Feb 17, 4pm-6pm
1306 E Van Buren St.
Phoenix, AZ


For more information, contact Ana Martina at or 215 727 9620 ext 522.