How many community radio channels will be available? Nationwide estimates!

How much room will there be for community radio in crowded radio markets? We can't know for sure, but we can make some informed guesses. 

Keep in mind that the radio markets below are very big, so the available channels are often outside city limits (where the radio dial is less crowded). Not all channels are usable in real-world conditions, and not all channels are in locations with actual demand for community radio. Scroll down for details on this data.

Is your town not listed here? Chances are that's because it's in a smaller, more rural radio market than these. That's good news for community radio hopefuls -- outside the listed markets, spectrum is more available, so there will be even greater chances for community radio.

These numbers are not gospel -- they are informed guesses made by the Prometheus technical team using FCC tools. No guarantees!

Details: Data here was generated from the FCC's own LPFM availability software by the Prometheus technical team. Markets include the top 150 Arbitron metro markets (the largest radio markets in the country) as well as a few others. The channels were found in a search of a 20x20 minute grid around the center of each market (about 23 miles square, depending on distance from equator).

Available channels include both “fully spaced” channels and “short-spaced” channels (those which will require a special waiver of the rules). These numbers do consider the FCC's recent rules dismissing all translator applications in certain parts of certain markets. These numbers are not gospel -- they are informed guesses made by the Prometheus team using FCC tools. No guarantees!