April 2013 Broadacst Newsletter


Spring is in full swing here at Prometheus! Our staff has been preparing for the LPFM licensing window in October by continuing our outreach and support to applicant groups. We also just returned from an invigorating trip to Denver where we talked with folks at the National Conference for Media Reform. Our sessions are archived on the Free Press website, so feel free to check them out!

Know of a community that is interested in having their own LPFM station? Invite them to attend our free webinar on Wednesday April 24 at 8pm EST. Our "Get On The Air" informational webinar answers some "nuts and bolts" types of questions and can help you start or support a station in your community. More information is over here on our website!

Thanks for all of your great contributions to our  "Why Radio Matters" story-telling page. As we reflect on what the power of radio has meant to us throughout our lives, we are excited about what the airwaves will sound like with thousands of new local community stations sprouting up soon! We encourage you to share your story with us, and support this vision by supporting Prometheus! Join us today!

 Inside this issue:

Translator Dismissal Update

The FCC has announced a tentative date of October 15, 2013 for a low power radio filing window, when the agency accepts applications for new stations. Why is it a tentative date? There are a few more steps remaining before the FCC can take applications. Our policy team has put together an update on how the remaining translator applications affect the process. Click here to read a rundown of what's left.


Visualizing Low Power Availability in the U.S.

 What does LPFM frequency availability "look" like across the United States? Lucky for you, Prometheus has developed such a tool! Using data from our RFree software and incorporated into a visual format, this map can let you zoom in on your community or anywhere else in the country and get a bird's eye view of channel availability. Click here to see how your town measures up!


Video: What Would You Do With a Radio Station?

As community groups all across the country prepare to apply for a LPFM license this fall, people are asking their neighbors: "What would we do with our very own community radio station?" It's an inspiring time and Prometheus wants you to help spread the good news. Check out our new video and share it far and wide! Are you a member of community group who is interested in applying? Or know of a group who should be? Get in touch with us and get the ball rolling!

Our Newest Additions

The Prometheus staff keeps growing!  We are happy to announce some new additions for the Spring 2013 season!  All of our departments - from IT to outreach, are expanding with the help of people who are committed to grassroots social change through community radio. In addition to staffers, we also have a new member of the family as well. 

Click here to read more about all of these great folks!

Thank you!

We'd like to thank everyone who joined us on March 2  for the "Get Lucid" fundraiser in Philadelphia. It was a jammed packed evening of music, poetry and performance. We were inspired to hear people from our hometown speak so passionately about what community and community radio means to them! Thanks for coming out! Keep your eyes on the newsletter as there will be more fun opportunities like this coming up real soon!