Welcome Ana Martina

Ana Martina joined the Prometheus staff in January as the Technical and Training Coordinator.  She was born in Mexico City and her passion is the promotion of independent media for social justice. She participated in technical and training support in community radio stations in Mexico, Central America and the US. In 2003, in conjunction with the Beehive Collective, launched a media caravan all over across Central America documenting the affectations of NAFTA and Plan Puebla Panama.

Member of the Flujos Collective, since 2008, a media group dedicated to developing educational materials and sharing technical skills with grassroots movements interested in creating independent media. While there, Ana collaborated in the development of the technical manual of Flujos Vivos-CD in collaboration with other collectives, autonomous spaces and individuals from free media collectives in Mexico.

Ana has served as the Coordinator of the Medios Caminantes Network at the Allied Media Conference, a space that supports and advances Spanish-language media-based organizing in Latino/a and Caribbean immigrant communities throughout the U.S. She has volunteered 
in autonomous spaces and independent media sites and conferences as a media trainer, with the objective of providing support to radio enthusiasts in using free open source software to produce their programs.

Ana loves to record ambient sounds of all kinds, the ocean, birds, streets, markets, demonstrations, there are no limits!