Our Seventh Barnraising From April 1st to 3rd, 2005 -- WRFN-LP in Nashville, Tennessee!!

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Unbuckling the Bible Belt with the Community of Radio Free Nashville!!

About the WRFN Barnraising!

THE NASHVILLE CITY PAPER: Radio to Free Your Mind!

Listen to the First Broadcast!

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Workshop Schedule for Nashville Barnraising -- PDF Format!

How Will the Station Work?

James Savage roofs the studio! Five years after the birth of the Low Power FM service, after struggling with a long wait for a construction permit, and a delay of months to institute minor modifications to their staiton application, Radio Free Nashville is about to go on the air!

Now, after the introduction of a bill -- the Local Community Radio Act of 2005 -- Prometheus Radio Project is teaming up with Radio Free Nashville to unbuckle the Bible belt for progressive news and music in our 7th barnraising!

The studio in progress! In the spirit of neighbors pulling together to put up a new building, volunteers from this wonderful community and Prometheus organizers from all around the world will gather hundreds of Low Power FM Radio applicants, journalists, radio engineers, students, lawyers, musicians, and activists to tune the antenna, finish the new studio, and flip on the station switch! People will gather from across the US to descend on Nashville to construct the radio station in a weekend. We'll make the argument to the FCC, and to Congress, that this kind of community radio is the lifeblood of our healthy democracy. From our soldering irons to their ears!

Johnny Jones works the crowd!Please join us for this Radio Barnraising, to learn or teach essential organizing and radio skills, and to celebrate the birth of a new free voice.

The recommended donation for the entire weekend is $100, or $40 for one day. Pay what you can afford. Food and simple housing arrangements are included in the registration price. Scholarships are available, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We need you to lend a hand in Nashville -- so don't let money be an obstacle for you!

Eric Lewis organizes the roofing! Register today so we can take care of all of your needs, and keep checking back here for transportation information, housing details, the workshop schedule and technical schematics, and the growing press coverage of this great station and amazing event!