Our Second Barnraising - KRBS-LP in Oroville, California

The Bird Street Media Project Brings Community Broadcasting to Oroville!

Oroville BarnraisingThe Bird Street Media Project came together when the Clear Channel corporation, the largest owner of radio stations in the United States, purchased Oroville's only station and moved it out of town to Sacramento. They applied for, and won, a rare Low Power FM license - and were able to build their studio and tower right in the heart of downtown Oroville!

The Oroville station, KRBS, boasts a roster of volunteer programmers, organizers, and engineers from many diverse backgrounds, and hailing from all across California. Graduate students from Davis, California team up with Native Music and Public Affairs programmers in Oroville to create an entirely new blend of local radio, produced by and for the people of this unique town.

From April 12th-14th, 2002, we struggled day and night to build this station and get it on the air in time for a Sunday-night ribbon cutting. We were able to do it only because of the herculean efforts and great dedication of the local volunteers and international friends who came to bring this new community radio station to the people of California.

Bird Street Media Project plans to use their radio station to give a voice to their community. With over twelve thousand in the city limits, and 45,000 in the greater metro area lacking the basic information and entertainment that most cities derive from a local radio station. This project will be the town's only local media outlet, since there is no community based newspaper, TV, or radio station in Oroville. Recently, Clear Channel Inc. bought the local AM and FM radio stations and moved their base out of town. Support for the new LPFM has poured in from all sectors of the town, from city government, activists, local business and artists. All believe that the radio station could be a centerpiece for a downtown renaissance.