Get On the Air Clinic at the Grassroots Radio Conference

Grassroots Radio Conference


The Prometheus crew will be descending upon the Grassroots Radio Conference at the Urbana Independent Media Center to bring you the Get On the Air Clinic, a track of 10 workshops designed to give you all the tools and resources you need to start a community radio station. 

These intensive workshops cover everything from community outreach to application questions to engineering for LPFM stations.  We are very excited to offer this training to groups across the country who are on their way to starting their own community radio station.  Here's a list of these awesome workshops!

-- Get On Air Clinic, Part 1: The opportunity to start a radio station and how you can make sure your city gets one.

-- Get On Air Clinic, Part 2: How to apply for and win an LPFM license

-- Get On Air Clinic, Part 3: Engineering basics

-- Get On Air Clinic, Part 4: Nuts and Bolts of Operations

-- Get On Air Clinic, Part 5: Towers & Antennas

-- Building Sustainable Community Radio Collaborations

-- Hot Topics in Broadcast Law for Noncommercial Radio Stations

-- Building Radio, Building Movements: Strategizing Outreach for the low power FM licensing window

-- Community Wireless for Community Radio, Part 1: An Introduction

-- Community Wireless for Community Radio, Part 2: Creating a Network


Registration for the Grassroots Radio Conference is still open.  Hope to see you there!