Senator Durbin, Take the lead on the Local Community Radio Act!

To the Honorable Senator Richard Durbin:

I am writing to applaud you for your co-sponsorship of the Local Community Radio Act (S. 592) and to ask you to take a leadership role to ensure the bill’s passage in 2010.

The Local Community Radio Act would open up the airwaves to hundreds of new low-power FM radio stations across the country, including many in Illinois. LPFMs provide local news, discussion of community issues, and emergency response information, and they play an array of musical styles you seldom find in the mainstream media.

The bill already has passed the full House of Representatives and the Senate Commerce Committee. Now it must pass the full Senate before the end of the year.

Senator Durbin, you’ve stated your commitment to improving diversity and localism in media. Now you have the chance to bring more diversity and localism to radio right here in Illinois and across the country. We ask you to ensure the passage of the Local Community Radio Act in 2010.

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Thank you for getting involved in our campaign!