100+ Low Power FM stations band together with Prometheus Radio Project and Common Frequency to comment on FCC rulemaking regarding FM Translator Interference

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September 5, 2018

A broad coalition of LPFM stations filed a reply today (after an earlier round of comments) on the proposed reconfiguration of the FCC rules on interference from stations that only repeat other station’s material (and do not originate their own programming).

This collective effort represents a huge milestone for fledgling LP stations working together. It’s the largest combined effort thus far of LPs advocating on their own behalf for their right to be heard and for their community’s right to hear the local stations that are important to them without suffering new interference or being encroached upon.

These comments call upon the FCC to:

Protect the rights of listeners to continue receiving radio stations they’re accustomed to hearing and to NOT allow translators to cause greater interference without repercussions.

Follow the law requiring (the FCC) to foster LPFM service as a way to improve diversity and localism.

Maintain the hard-won ability to bring the community back to local radio through LPFM by preventing encroachment as new repeater stations seek to push their way in and elbow LPFM aside.

Support efforts to resolve interference problems early and fast – without causing harm (or burdensome cost) to low-powered, community-based stations.

Uphold the individual listener’s long-held right to get FCC action to resolve ongoing interference to a station they listen to regularly.

Comments filed by all parties to the proceeding may be viewed in the
FCC's ECFS system.

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