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Attention: The filing window for low power FM applications is CLOSED as of November 15th, 2013. It is unlikely that the FCC will be making another opportunity to apply for low power FM licenses any time soon. For next steps and more ideas, visit and subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks for your support, and good luck! 


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Prometheus is committed to supporting the creation of new low power FM radio stations through our advocacy work, outreach efforts, and support to applicant groups. We provide a wide range of support to applicants, much of what is listed below. Additionally, we provide intensive support through our Station Torchbearers Program. Our goal is to support 1000 groups in the low power FM application process. While much of the support we provide is free to applicant groups, we do ask for donations to sustain our work.

The Support We Provide
Publicly accessible information and resources aggregated at

Free web based presentation (seminar + web = webinar) covering a range of topics and offered multiple times a month. Open to all groups working to start community radio stations. View the schedule and sign up. Listen to past recorded webinars.

Radio Spark
A community powered site for groups that want to apply for low power FM radio licenses and for those people who want to support them. Created and maintained by Prometheus, this site is the place for community radio novices and experts to ask questions, share resources, and connect with allies. Join the Radio Spark community!

Engineer directory
A publicly available directory of engineers willing and able to complete the technical portion of the low power FM radio application. Find an engineer!

Free software that allows you to search for an available channel in your area and view the estimated coverage range. Start using RFree (you need to be registered with Radio Spark to use RFree).

Bring the Fire
A monthly newsletter designed help you bring the power of radio to your community. Each month, we offer new tips, updates, and resources to help you prepare to apply for and run a community radio station. Available to groups who meet some of our criteria. Fill out an Applicant Profile to get on the list.

Community Radio Help Desk
A dedicated phone line operated by trained Prometheus team members to answer questions, provide basic support, talk through challenges, and share resources. Fill out an Applicant Profile to get access to the number.

The Greek Titan Prometheus stole fire from the gods of Mount Olympus and shared it with mortals. Fire represents knowledge and technology, giving people the power to control their own destiny. Station Torchbearers will work with us to bring the fire of radio to their communities.

Station Torchbearers Program

We also provide more in-depth support to groups who are selected for our Station Torchbearers Program. The Torchbearers Program provides direct one-on-one support to groups applying for low power FM radio licenses with the goal of creating sustainable community radio stations. The cost of this support is $2,000. However, a scholarship rate of $200 is available. Applicant groups that receive scholarships are encouraged to donate above the scholarship rate to help cover the remaining costs of the program.

What Torchbearers can expect of us

  • A case manager (a single point of contact at Prometheus)
  • Regular phone check-ins on progress (about twice a month)
  • An application review
  • Strategy consultation
  • Preliminary engineering advice and support
  • Referrals to qualified engineers
  • Referrals to qualified lawyers
  • Consideration as a future barnraising station

What we expect of Torchbearers

  • To meet some of our criteria (groups receiving scholarships need to meet all of our criteria)
  • A single point of contact (main contact of a person working on this project in your group)
  • Pay the full rate of $2,000 (scholarship groups pay $200)
  • Maintain regular contact with your case manager
  • Progress on application checklist
  • Commitment to the long term project of building a sustainable community radio station
Becoming a Station Torchbearer
If you want to buy in to the program at $2,000 to receive the high-level of support outlined above, please contact support[at] or call 215.727.9620 x 519.
Application Process for Scholarships
Groups that are interested in becoming Station Torchbearers need to complete an Applicant Profile. Groups will be accepted based on our criteria (see: What We Look For) on a rolling basis. However, because of limited staff capacity, not all groups who meet our criteria will be selected. We will attempt to support groups representing the geographic and cultural diversity of the country. We estimate that we will be able to support as many as 60 groups in the Station Torchbearers Program.

Disclaimer: This is not a legal agreement. While Prometheus will try our hardest for Station Torchbearers to win a license, we cannot and are not making any guarantees. We do not control the FCC process.

Allocation of Resources and Services

Resource or Service Everyone! Groups that complete a profile

(scholarship rate)

Torchbearers (full rate)


Radio Spark


Access to engineer directory

Bring the Fire  

Community Radio Help Desk  

Phone check-ins on progress (about two a month)    

Application review    

Strategy consultation    

Preliminary engineering advice and support    


Questions should be sent to support[at]