Services - Get On Air!

Prometheus offers low cost engineering and educational services to community radio applicants and stations. Below is a list of the services we offer. Contact support[at] for more information and price quotes.

 What we have to offer:

Build Your Station

Congratulations, you have been awarded a Construction Permit! Now What?! Prometheus can provide you with the necessary information and help you take the next steps towards getting on the air.

Every station is unique. In order to provide the best possible help we need to assess your current situation, plans and aspirations. Get Assessed!

Station Building Assessment - $150

Schedule an assessment with Prometheus to identify your needs for the station building process and the most appropriate designs for your station. The assessment starts with a phone call and results in a report including a construction timeline, an equipment list, a development budget (equipment/building costs), an operational budget (running the station for the first year), and a basic studio layout/design. Finally, the assessment includes a quote and availability to hire Prometheus to build your station and the opportunity to be part of our bulk equipment purchasing service.


Win Your Competition

You filed an application for a low power FM station, but unfortunately you are in competition with other applicants (in an MX group). You need a strategy to win a spot on the FM dial!

There are a variety of modifications you can make to your application to escape competition. Most of these changes will only be allowed by the FCC during a limited window of time after the release of the tentative selectee Public Notices.

Comprehensive MX Strategic Support

We can inform you of all possible options and provide expert advice to create a winning strategy. This service offers:

  • Landscape analysis of your situation, including an analysis of your competitors
  • Overview of your technical options
  • Strategy consultation on how to win a license

We will work with you to consider the following questions when building a strategy:

  • If you are considering a technical move, will the new channel or location reach your target audience?
  • What is the estimated coverage and likely interference of a new channel?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice coverage or a specific transmission location in favor have having your own frequency? Or,
  • Are you happy to share your frequency with competitors in a timeshare agreement?

Application Engineering service included if needed.


Make Your Move

Whether your LPFM has been on the air for years, you’ve just received your construction permit or your application is still being processed by the FCC, we can do the engineering work for site moves, channel changes, and more.

Do you need to move your transmission site but aren’t sure where to begin looking? Do you have the best possible transmission site to reach the maximum number of people in your target audience? Are you receiving unwanted interference? Is a big, bad commercial station breathing down your neck?

Feasibility Study and Report

Let us help you figure this out! If you need to find a new transmission site or channel, this service provides the engineering analysis required to evaluate all your options and prepare the appropriate FCC filing. Depending on your unique circumstances, the feasibility study may include an analysis of potential transmission sites, channel availability and quality, potential coverage and interference, and environmental impact and safety.

Application Engineering service included if needed.

Application Engineering

This service provides preparation of the technical section of your application or amendment including the exhibits necessary.

Examples of filings and exhibits we are able to perform:

  • Form 318, Section VI - Tech Box
  • Second-adjacent interference waiver (D/U and contour protection)
  • Second-adjacent interference with vertical pattern waiver (D/U)
  • RF safety
  • Translator input protection (D/U)


Get Your Quote

Contact support[at] for more information and a quote. We need preliminary information to determine the complexity of your case and provide you with a price quote. The services listed cost from $500 - $1,000. Custom service packages and payment options available on request.

Prometheus works towards a media system that allows everyone to have a voice on the airwaves. With limited resources, however, we use the following five questions to prioritize which stations get our closest support.



Application Tracking

Prometheus Torchlight is a service that tracks your FCC records and alerts you to important changes. Subscribers can rest assured knowing that Torchlight’s flames are always burning, immediately illuminating any changes impacting their status at the FCC. Learn more and subscribe today!