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Ready to hit the road and catch some (air)waves?

The upcoming expansion of community radio stations offers social justice movements in the United States an important opportunity to build a national communications infrastructure in the hands of the people. We need to ensure that every town and city is ready for this one-time-only chance ahead to apply for new licenses. Volunteers are going on tour in their regions to tell nonprofits, social justice groups, and community activists that they have this amazing chance to amplify their work by applying for and starting a community radio station. 

If you feel unsure about being a spokesperson for community radio, don't worry. Here you will find information and tools to help you plan and pull off a successful community radio tour. Once you hit the road we'll connect you with our allies and contacts along the route of your tour, and we may have friends in your area who can host you for a night or offer meeting space for events. We also have a limited amount of gas money to offer volunteers who travel to spread the word.

Check out these materials below to help plan your tour. Tell us you want to tour on the sign up page, and we'll be in touch to offer you additional support!

What's involved:
• Plan a tour with friends, other volunteers, or on your own, hitting the road to spread the word on LPFM.
• Organize speaking engagements and meetings with key social justice groups and community organizations.

Get started using the resources below:

Radio Summer Toolkit  Download this comprehensive toolkit of information, materials, and additional resources to spread the word about community radio!

Radio Summer Postcard Download and distribute this double-sided postcard with basic info about the opportunity. Great to pass out anywhere!

Introduction to Community Radio  On this page you'll find a list of materials to help you get familiar with Low Power Radio, so you can more effectively communicate about community radio on tour.

Host an Event  Part of planning a tour is setting up events in the places you visit.  See this page for tools that will help you organize events.

Popular Education Tools  Here are some ideas for workshop actvities you might use to help groups think collaboratively about using media for social change.

Contact Gathering Kit  We want to know who you meet along the way, so we can connect them to resources about getting an LPFM.  Read how you can make sure we keep in touch with the people you reach here. 

Making Waves Tour Here's a blog from the Southern U.S. community radio tour last summer by Prometheus staffers. We don't expect you to take it this far, but learn more and get energized for your own tour!

Sign up for Radio Summer and we'll support you through the process with additional training, resources, and one-on-one assistance!