Community Radio

Learn more about the impact of community radio, our unique approach to building stations, and the incredible diversity of community radio stations on the air today.

Why do we believe in community radio?

Community radio is...

Transformative. Community radio stations have organized workers to win better wages, cleaned up toxic waste, and registered voters.

Accessible. 90% of Americans listen to radio at least once a week. Radio can reach those who don't speak English or don't have Internet.

Affordable. For listeners, broadcast radio is free, and for producers, community radio is much less expensive than commercial media.

Local. Community radio strengthens community ties and builds civic engagement. Community radio covers news and events that don't get enough airtime at bigger outlets, such as local elections, school board meetings, and neighborhood arts festivals.

Participatory. Community members participate in the programming and governance of a community radio station, ensuring that the station is relevant and meets local needs.

What does community radio sound like?

This audio compilation consists of clips from broadcasts and podcasts recorded by community radio stations around the nation. They illustrate the variety of unique programming being produced by and for communities everywhere.


<h2>Prometheus Radio Barnraisings</h2>

<p>We love radio technology, but in the words of Bush Radio's Zane Ibrahim, community radio is 90% community and only 10% radio. That's why Prometheus holds&nbsp;<a href="/barnraisings" fcksavedurl="/barnraisings"><strong>radio station barnraisings</strong></a> -- exciting events that bring together local station volunteers with community radio activists from around the region and the world. Engineers, activists, lawyers, neighbors, and friends gather to build a studio, raise an antenna mast, and put the station on the air for the first time -- all in the course of an action-packed weekend. It may not be the most efficient way to build a station, but it's a great way to build a movement.&nbsp;</p>

<h2>Community Station Profiles</h2>

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