Getting Started & How to Apply


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Below are basic steps to build a new community radio station, developed with our partners at Free Press, which will soon be available in a comprehensive manual.

I.          Planning your LPFM station            

1)        Examine eligibility, availability, & interest            

2)        Assemble your community  

3)        Familiarize yourself with LPFM service      

4)        Examine costs            

II.         Fundraising   

1)        Define your goals      

2)        Start early      

3)        Ask often        

4)        Think small    

5)        Be flexible      

6)        Get creative    

7)        Be your own donor   

III.       The Application Process       

1)        Enlist the help of an engineer         

2)        Apply for your LPFM construction permit and license     

3)        Build your organization        

4)        Wait for FCC response          

IV.        Expenses for your LPFM station     

1)        Engineering expenses          

2)        Recurring expenses  

3)        Studio / transmitter equipment expenses            

V.         Construction of your radio station  

1)        Select the right space           

2)        Design your studio    

3)        Team up with an engineer  

4)        Ask for help   

VI.        Develop programming    

1)        Maintain a strong commitment to localism            

2)        Strive to provide consistency           

3)        Encourage creativity 

4)        Provide support        

  5)        Involve your community