Applicant Support

Attention: The filing window for low power FM applications is CLOSED as of November 15th, 2013. It is unlikely that the FCC will be making another opportunity to apply for low power FM licenses any time soon. For next steps and more ideas, visit and subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks for your support, and good luck! 

The airwaves are opening! In October 2013, local nonprofits, labor unions, schools, and community groups nationwide can apply to start their own community radio stations.

Prometheus provides a wide range of support to groups who sign up. We offer free online trainings, help guides, channel finding software, and ways to network with other community radio supporters. Sign up to get connected!

Only organizations are eligible to apply for licenses. If you are with a group that wants to start a station, fill out the form below. If you are not associated with an organization, please fill out the Individual Profile instead, and we can help connect you to groups in your area.

If you are applying to our Station Torchbearer Program, please think about how your group meets the program criteria when answering the questions below.

What is the name of your group or organization?


ZIP code of where you want your station.
Is your organization focused on a particular issue, or aligned with a particular movement or cause? Please explain.
Is your group planning certain types of programming like news, religion, local music, etc.? Please explain.
Is this station going to serve a particular community, ethnicity, religion, or language?
How many people are currently working on the radio project in addition to yourself? What is the plan for engaging more volunteers?
Is your group currently making any media? Podcast, print, video, website etc.? If so, what?
Can you share with us other links; facebook, twitter, etc.?
What is the non-profit status of the group? Are you already "registered" as a non-profit in your state? Are you "in process" of registering? Is your group a "project of a nonprofit" that is registered with the state? Or, is your group "seeking to become a project" of a nonprofit registered with the state? Only nonprofit organizations can apply for low power radio stations. If your radio group is not a non-profit organization, you must be the project of a non-profit
If your group is a project of a larger non-profit, what is the name of that organization?
What is your estimated budget for financing the application process? The FCC does not charge a fee to apply for a low power FM license, however, you may have to pay an engineer for support in completing the technical portion of the application and/or consult a lawyer.
What is your estimated budget for building your station once you are awarded a license? The cost to build a low power FM station starts at about $10,000.
Group Contact Information. This is how we will contact your group in the future.
Contact Information for Main Contact
How/where did you hear about Prometheus? Be as specific as possible. Was there an organisation or media outlet that told you about us? When?
Is there anything else you would like us to know?